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Female Curlers Get Naked For Charity Calendar curler naked woman

After taking a year off and taming it down a little, some of the world’s hottest female curlers are back with semi-naked and obviously naked photos for the 2009 Women of Curling calendar. And we have photos (not the nudes) of women who are participating. The headline this year is.

Women's curling is sure to receive a lot more exposure this year, thanks to a new international calendar that features nude and scantily clad.

(Getty Images)more pics»Madeleine Dupont, a 22-year-old curler from Denmark, is gaining a whole new fan base, after racy pictures she took for charity have hit the Internet. Dupont has skipped the Danish team to two seperate World Cup events, helping the team place 8th in 2004.

Now, an international group of strong-willed and taut-figured female curlers has dropped their drawers to pose nude – or nearly-nude – in a.