NCSALL: The Rise of the Adult Education and Literacy System in the United States: 1600-2000 - teh adult education act of 1966


teh adult education act of 1966

In 1966, two events of significance for the field of adult education occurred: Congress approved the first adult education act in the Nation's history and the.

Lyndon Johnson signed the 1966. Amendments to the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of. 1965 (ESEA), which included Title III, or the Adult. Education.

other, The Adult Education Act: A Guide to the Literature and Funded Projects by Meredyth 1966 renewal of the act formally transferred the program to USOE.

An examination of the effects of the Adult Education Act (AEA) 25 years after its passage In 1966, ABE was transferred to the U.S. Office of Education (USOE).