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Black Rhinoceros | National Geographic mass of adult male black rhino

Size: the black rhino is the smaller of the two African species; Weight: adult males weigh up to 1,350 kg and females up to 900 kg. Weight at birth: 35-45 kg.

The black rhinoceros or hook-lipped rhinoceros (Diceros bicornis) is a species of rhinoceros, . An adult black rhinoceros stands 140–180 cm (55–71 in) high at the . In addition, males and females have a consort relationship during mating, .

Black rhinoceros adults rarely exceed two tons in weight, and they browse on Indian male rhinos whistle loudly to announce reproductive.

Want to know the difference between black and white rhinos? An eastern black rhinoceros (Diceros bicornis michaeli), a subspecies of black rhinoceros, photographed at Great Weight: 1,760 to 3,080 pounds. Size relative to a 6-ft man.