WHO | Hepatitis B (2 (paediatric) or 1 (adult) dose Vial) - adult vac


Radiation therapy immobilizer / lower limb / adult - Vac-Lok™ series - CIVCO adult vac

You may also be at risk for vaccine-preventable disease due to your age, job, lifestyle, travel, or health conditions. All adults need a seasonal flu (influenza) vaccine every year. Flu vaccine is especially important for people with chronic health conditions, pregnant women, and.

Vaccines are especially critical for people with health conditions such as a weakened immune system. Tdap vaccine to protect against whooping cough and tetanus. Pneumococcal vaccine (both types) to protect against pneumonia and other pneumococcal diseases.

Valley achievement Center VAC westward adult autism program Valley Achievement Center offers a wide variety of programs and services for Bakersfield and.

VAC is also proud to offer six unique programs for adults including Independent Living Skills, Supported Living Services, Group Supported Employment.